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UX  methodologies

UX Strategy, Content Strategy, User Research, Information Architecture & Interface Design, Functional Spec, Usability Testing


This project was a large-scale enterprise level project to design a white glove consumer facing digital experience built to accompany a concierge level customer service center. The goal of this system was to provide users with a system where they can research vehicle information, store found information to view at a later time, and have persistent access to top of the line customer service agents at any time.

User Research

This project began with research into the target market. We collaborated with our analytics team to do both qualitative and quantitative research. The qualitative research consisted of an ethnographic-like study in which users were observed and interviewed in order to uncover user needs and the problems that occur during the car-buying process. This was coupled with the quantitative attitudinal research that uncovered interest in the current customer service offering and the kind of service being proposed.

Based on the research conducted, we collaborated with our business analysts to create preliminary functional requirements. We then worked with a vendor to create a conceptual prototype that we tested with users to gauge what functionality was working well, and where more research or brainstorming was needed.

Information Architecture and Interface design

We gathered the results from both the user research and the concept tests to begin creating the information architecture and interface design. We started by creating a site map to nail down the taxonomy and ensure all pages were accounted for before beginning the page designs. We also created user flows to ensure that distinct user paths across the system were being accounted for in our designs. Throughout the design phase, we met regularly with the project team, including clients, strategy, creative, analytics, and tech to ensure alignment and feasibility.

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 Usability Testing

To ensure usability of system and leave time for updates before launch, we conducted remote user tests via WebEx within the QA test URL. We tested 11 users and reported results to the entire project team. The findings also informed updates made post-launch due to timing constraints.


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