Digital transformation

End-to-end journey digital transformation

UX methods

Content Inventory, Concept Testing, Information Architecture & Interface Design, Functional Spec, Prototyping, Usability Testing


This project was a cross-functional digital transformation, focusing on offering digital “self-service” processes for the entire end-to-end journey within the tax professionals business unit.

Guiding principles

  • Re-design end-to-end customer journeys through ideation
  • Make end user the core of product development
  • Prioritize activities that deliver the highest business value in each step of the process
  • Form and empower dedicated cross-functional teams that jointly solution the product
  • Streamline enterprise support processes to support scale-up

Current and ideal state journey maps

We began this project with a user survey and a set of user interviews to uncover the current state journey for our customers. We then used the current state journey to hold a cross-functional ideation workshop with our project team and project stakeholders where we brainstormed ways in which we can improve the customer journey and address known pain points digitally.

The design team synthesized the results of the ideation session and organized the pain points and ideas for addressing into moments that matter for our customers. We created an ideal state journey map comprised of these moments that matter to give the project team and business stakeholders an area of focus for our digital transformation. We then created a storyboard of a user going through the end-to-end journey digitally, highlighting key moments that matter across the journey. We tested this storyboard with our users to validate our direction and make adjustments.

Feature workshop

We held a feature workshop with our cross-functional project team and stakeholders with the following goals:

  • Prioritize moments that matter  Determine which moments that matter will create the most impact for the user and the business
  • Ideate and prioritize features  Breakdown features for top priority moments that matter and prioritize
  • Identify feasibility and define MVP  Layer in prioritization based on tech feasibility and define MVP for first release
  • Determine open questions and next steps  Identify any open questions which may change the prioritization of the moments that matter moments

User interface and testing

In the feature workshop, the team prioritized the following customer journey touch points: Evaluate (marketing pages), product onboarding, and renewal.

Once we agreed on a design system and shared / created our Sketch libraries, the team was split into two teams – marketing and onboarding, and renewals. Each team began to sketch and build out the architecture for each of their touch points / feature sets.

We used an iterative design approach, designing a part of the system, validating with users, iterating, and moving forward (see process map below).process map.png


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