Ordering App

Tablet Application

UX methodologies

User Interviews, Stakeholder Interviews, Functional Requirements, Content Mapping, Prototyping, Information Architecture & Interface Design, Functional Specification, Usability Testing


This application was created for Custom Brands Group, a subsidiary of Hunter Douglas, to aid in dealer transactions and sales. It was created to make the process for ordering custom window treatments, which has an abundance of customizable options, as simple as possible. The application was created exclusively for tablet since that is the dealer’s preferred device for ordering.


Custom Brands Group (CBG), was a relatively new client for Enlighten. Their parent company, Hunter Douglas, has been a long standing client, but since CBG is a B2B client, and Hunter Douglas is consumer facing, we needed to make sure we understood how they differed in terms of business goals and user needs. We conducted a robust set of stakeholder interviews, brainstorming sessions with the client, and user interviews to ensure that we fully understood the unique aspects of how this business worked. We took our findings from this initial discovery phase and created a function requirements document to define what functionality we knew the app would need in order to be successful. At the same time, we began working with the client to understand how their back-end systems were structured and how the content was mapped to ensure a smooth integration.

Interaction Design

Once we agreed on the functional requirements, we were able to begin sketching and prototyping. We used Axure to create functional wireframes, which we were able to test with CBG dealers multiple times using their own tablets and an application called Zoom for phone conferencing, sharing screens, and recording the test. We iterated on the design based on internal brainstorms, user testing and client feedback.


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Final Design

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