Brand Refresh


UX methodologies

User Interviews, Site Mapping, Prototyping, Information Architecture & Interface Design, Functional Specification, Usability Testing


UDR is a large luxury apartment property management company. The goal of this redesign was to create a website that reflects the company’s brand – modern, high-end, and customer-focused.


We began the project by traveling to various properties that reflect specific aspects of the brand. We also spoke with users to get a sense for what is important to users and to get an in-depth understanding of the end-user’s shopping process. We put together user personas and experience maps to communicate with the client as well as the internal team. From these deliverables, we were able to draft a UX strategy which included recommendations for site pages and features, a site hierarchy and some high level ideas for how we would implement the functionality on the site. At the same time we worked closely with our content strategist to create a content development plan that took into account the features and pages proposed.

Interaction design

Once we outlined the site, we began wireframing out pages. Since this site is responsive, we used Axure’s Adaptive Views functionality to account for major screen breakpoints in the wireframes (mobile, tablet, desktop). Any other scaling issues were solved in the prototype / POC created in conjunction with our engineering team.

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Once the comps were created for the first few pages, we began work on the prototype. This prototype served as a proof of concept as well as a way to test functionality outlined in the wireframes. However, the wireframes themselves were created in Axure and included clickable elements to better communicate functionality to developers, designers and clients.

User testing

User testing was done several times throughout the project. We tested Axure prototypes to validate and fix design elements before getting too far into the development of the live site. We also tested elements in the HTML prototype and finally the live site was tested to discover post-launch enhancements and fixes. These tests were all completed using


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UDR Website

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